So to get this blog up and running again, why not post some gorgeous pictures taken recently by our very own riders! And then some actual good ones. Like the one of Shooter who jumps like a freak. <3

They should be models…

Already a fabulous pair! (:
Look at those knees and that tuck. Stud.

Already a fabulous pair! (:

Look at those knees and that tuck. Stud.

No pain no gain&#8230; (;

No pain no gain… (;

Congrats Allie!

Everyone at ESI sends out a HUGE congratulations to Allie on the purchase of her new horse D’Light!

We can’t wait to see you guys together! You will do wonderful with your new partner!

Everyone welcome D’Light with open arms… full of treats.


Congrats again Allie!

Friday and Saturday at Blenheim!

Friday and Saturday consisted of all three girls riding and doing quite splendidly! (:

Kirra rode Jeepers in the Children’s jumpers and placed an impressive 2nd and 5th! Allie rode Paradise in the Low Children’s jumpers and had some great rounds with some extremely tough competition. Can’t wait to see them move up to Children’s! Or the equitation which ANSLEY LOVES THEM IN! Lastly, Melissa rode in the first round of the CPHA Finals and had from what I hear a lovely round! Her and Denmark are really working it these days!

I’m not sure if any of them are showing today, but overall, our girls did a great job! Can’t wait to see what wonderful rounds they have next show!

Photos from Wednesday and Thursday at Blenheim!

I only have pictures of Allie (stole from facebook) and Melissa (stole from Captured Moment.. whoops) so if you have any you took of Kirra or any of them for that matter please send them to me! Through the blog or email, I don’t care. (:


Blenheim Summer Classic II - Thursday Results

We have three lovely gals showing at the Summer Classic this week! They are Allie, Melissa and Kirra!

Today, Allie competed on Paradise in the .90 meter jumpers and placed an impressive 7th out of 27 entries! Go Hannib—I mean Paradise… (;

Tomorrow all of the girls are competing as follows:

Kirra on Jeeps in the Modified Jr/Am jumpers in the GRAND PRIX RING AT 8! Go watch. I’m serious. We may sometimes have problems in riding (cough, me, cough) but we NEVER have problems cheering!! Until we spook horses and get the stink eye… But that’s a totally different subject.

And I literally just saw that she is also competing in the Children’s jumpers on the East Grass Field and that starts at 9! So for all you gals who feel that sleep is more important than cheering on your fellow barn mates… this is the class for you!

Allie on Paradise in the Low Child/AA jumpers in the East Grass Field at 9 too apparently? That makes no sense. Horseshowtime.com is dumb. Just show up at 9 and you’re guaranteed to see at least one of those girls go!

LASTLY but most certainly not leastly (Melissa, I did that on purpose I sware I’m not that dum) Melissa will be showing her beast Denny in the CPHA FINALSSSS!!!! Round 1! GO CHEER HER ON! All she has to do is channel that awesomeness she had in the EAP in Washington and she’s set for the blue. So make sure you are there to witness it. Or console her if the judges are stupid and don’t pin her. (:

This is a tough show with a lot of entries but have no fear… ESI is here… to win all the blues… Sorry. Couldn’t make that last one rhyme.



Guess what day it is? ITS KATIE BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, thats right!!! The horses and Katie got the day off, but tomorrow, is gonna be a P_A_R_T_Y!! 

Good Luck…

to our shining star Melissa! She’s off with Denny in Washington showing and for EAP Level 2! Then both Fiona and Denny will be at the Oaks for Jr. Hunter Finals and CPHA Finals! She’s got quite a busy month so if you see her around wish her luck!

Welcome Home…

All Razzed Up (a.k.a. Razz)! He is returning from Jillian’s and Emma will be full-leasing him! They are going to be a great pair! He is expected to arrive early Monday morning! If you see Emma be sure to congratulate her on her new lease! And then give Razz a carrot. (:

 Emma and Razz